Roteiros / Adventures


You´ll be gone with the wind!!
Let the wind take you through the beaches of Ceara, Rio Grande do Norte, Piaui and Maranhao, the states of the brazilian extreme northeast.
With about 10 minutes of instruction, anyone can have fun. Security instructions are given and you can control your speed, accelerating and slowing down, making turns and even slides!! You will love this new experience!!
Always following the low tide time, we go by the beach to our next destination.


Day 1. Cumbuco - Pecém - Taíba and Paracuru.
From Pecem to Taiba and from Taiba to Paracuru wind blowing.

Day 2. Paracuru - Lagoinha - Guajiru - Flexeiras and Mundaú.
Downwind from Lagoinha untill Mundaú, crossing small rivers.

Day 3. Baleia beach untill Icarai de Amontada.
Day 4. Prea beach and Jericoacoara
Day 5. Jericoacoara - Tatajuba. Return to Jeri by car

Heading Extreme Northeast: Cabure (MA)

Day 1. Jericoacoara - Tatajuba - Camocim.
Crossing two big rivers on boat we get to Camocim.
Day 2. Camocim - Parnaíba.
Perfect conditions on the beaches of Piaui. Large beaches and on shore wind.
Day 3. Parnaíba - Caburé.
Strong wind at this isolated piece of coast. We must be very careful to go across a dead mangrove to get to the extremest spot: Cabure
Day 4. Caburé.
Our trip ends in the amazing Lencois Maranhenses, which can only be explored on powerfull 4x4 vehicles. We leave our buggies and go on boat trips and 4x4.
Day 5. Barreirinhas (optional: ATV / quads adventure)
Day 6. São Luis.


Day 1. Fortaleza (CE) - Tibau (RN) - Icapui (CE)
By the road we go to these states border and at Tibau we get excellent conditions of wind and beach. Our adventure is about to start.

Day 2. Icapui - Ponta Grossa
Between the lobsters fishing boats we sail on roads!!
Untill the tide comes up, then if you still want to sail, we go with the local fishermen on a boat ride.

Day 3. Ponta Grossa - Canoa Quebrada
We´ll go to the famous Canoa Quebrada passing through one of the most beautifull pieces of the northeast coast, you´ll never forget this!

Day 4. Canoa Quebrada - Fortaleza
In the beaches of Caponga and Barro Preto, excellent conditions.

*for these trips always check the tides. The best days are on full and new moons.

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