Roteiros / Mountains and Hinterland

Panoramic Northeast: a week of beaches, mountains and hinterland
7 to 9

Day 1: From Fortaleza to Munda: off-road through the beaches.
By the morning we leave Fortaleza heading west, to the famous beach of Cumbuco. Following sand tracks through palm trees and dunes, we will visit the lagoons (Banana and Cauipe), then by the beach we get to the new port of Ceara, the third in exports from Brasil, the port of Pecem. Then Taiba and Paracuru. Here we must get a track over the inland to get across the Curu river and then, Lagoinha. One of the most famous portraits of the state. Here we can stop for some caipirinhas, shrimps....and enjoy the sun.
After that stop, we continue through the village of Guajiru, Flexeiras and Embuaca, almost untouched paradises with the natives and local sightseeings.
We finally reach Mundau, a remaining piece of paradise with its calm waters and fantastic dunes. From the top of a dune by the river Mundau we are blessed with one of the most spectacular sunsets...
As the night comes, we go to our pousada right by the sea where we can relax and get a very nice sleep with the sea soundtrack.

Day 2: From Mundau to Jericoacoara.
By the morning we cross the river Mundau on a tipical boat to get to Baleia and from there we get to deserted and untouched places, like Sabiaguaba and Icarai de Amontada, an oasis filled up of coconut trees where we can stop for lunch depending on the tide.
From there on we continue on tracks through isolated villages and some kilometers on road untill we get to Praia do Prea, where we enter the National Park of Jericoacoara by the afternoon.
In the village of Jericoacoara we walk through its sand strees with its fantastic and unique atmosphere that makes of "Jeri" one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Day 3: Jericoacoara.
Day reserved to see and feel how Jeri is. We suggest a trekking to the famous post-card rock with a hole where you can see the sunset at its hole on july/august. Also a horse ride through the dunes (cars are not allowed there).
On this day we visit the lagoons of cristal water. Blue lagoon and Paradise Lagoon. Return to Jeri to see the amazing sunset on the top of the dune.

Day 4: From Jericoacoara to Parnaiba.
We leave Jericoacoara by the morning, following the coast and the beaches of Mangue Seco, Guriu (river cross) and Tatjuba where we visit the ruins of the sand-buried old village, the beautiful dunes and the lagoon.
We keep along the coast as we reach the "Ilha do Amor", close to Camocim (another ferry) and we reach the city. There we take the road to Parnaiba (about 1 and a half hour). Arrival at Parnaiba in the end of the day. At night walk around Porto das Barcas, where you can visit small handcraft shops and restaurants serving the typical dish: Crabs..

Day 5: Parnaiba National Park of Sete Cidades.
In the morning well visit the Delta of America on a fast boat .
After lunch we head to the National Park of Sete Cidades (seven cities) after 150 kms on roaad. Next morning we will visit the impressing Rocks formations and writings guided by a local guide.

Day 6: N. P. Sete Cidades - N. P. Ubajara
After visiting the Park of Sete Cidades qell travel to Ubajara, at the mountaians, where well get a refresh from the warmness of Sete Cidades. We can visit one waterfall this day and the park on the other.

Day 7. P. N. Ubajara - Fortaleza (or Jeri).
We can go down on a lift, but the best is by trekking through the bushes, on a track watching waterfalls, little specimes of monkeys, birds, and small animals befor we get to the cave of Ubajara. We go up using the lift.
In the afternoon return to Fortaleza or Jericoacoara.

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