Canoa Quebrada

Discovered by hippies and backpackers in the 70īs, Canoa Quebrada (Broken Canoe) is a beach from Aracati, historical city that still preserves old houses with the original portuguese tiles from the colonization period. Only 160 kms from Fortaleza, Canoa is still a very quiet and peacefull village, but only during the day, because the night is very hot and fun.
The name came from a shipwreck, a broken canoe was left on the beach and was the attraction of the beach. The attractions are so many, the sand cliffs, the dunes, the natives, handcraft, fishermen, restaurants, bars and shops.
Canoa has been reorganized and now offers a much better and clean environment, with nice places to stay and the main street, the worldly famous "Broadway" now offers more quality for the visitors.
You must see this, feel the energy of a sunset at the Dunes, dance reggae or the traditional Forro at the night clubs. Donīt miss that.

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