Here you can meet peace, amusement, pretty people and a lot of contact with the nature. House of dolphins and sea turtles, the beach of Pipa (Pipe) belongs to the city of Tibau do Sul, aboriginal name that means "between two waters" (since it is surrounded by the Lagoon of Guaraíras and the Atlantic Ocean). Of "Orotapiry" - village of the white man in tupi, "Itacoatiara" - main rock of yellowish color and "Tip of the Green Handle" - due the gorgeous sight of Atlantic Forest that the first navigators could see from the sea. The village was known as Pipe because of a Rock, the Moleque (kid), situated in the extreme point of the beach Afogados.
Looked from a distance it looks as a barrel of wine or cachaça. Perhaps it comes from there its property to "torpify" the adventurers and tourists from all over the world since the time where pirates of all the nationalities disembarked in its beaches in search of the wood Brazil.
And it really torpifies! Here since you arrive, from the road you will come across beaches of clear and warm waters, immense coconut trees, natural swimming pools and view-points, imponent sand cliffs still covered by Atlantic Forest,very white dunes, coves and precipices.
Located in the biggest ecological sanctuary of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, elected by the most important brazilian Guide as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches of Brazil, the "Praia da Pipa" began its fame in the 80's through the surf lovers. But here you can make almost everything: strolls of boats, of buggy,kaiaque or horse rides, trekking, sandboarding, kitesurfing and walking through the tracks of the Atlantic Forest. Also this is one of Pipa's enchantments: it conciliates a flaring scene and a breath-taking script with the full infrastructure of charm and comfort, with inns, bars, little stores and restaurants of high level international gastronomy.
The night is an a part attraction. Cosmopolite and agitated the Pipa parties requires energy therefore lasts at least until the sunrise. And it is frequented by youngers from all around the world that dance from the swing of brazilian regional forró to techno beats. Pipa's night is the hottest one around.
Being at Pipa is to be sure to enjoy "unforgettables days of leisure and entertainment or rest and put together peace and the exuberant nature, with the bless of Sao Sebastião, patron and protector of the place".

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