Ponta do Mel

The region of the Costa Branca (White Coast) is characterized for its calm beaches, some still desert, full of pretty coconut trees and beyond, pink dunes and huge salt mines.
The name White Coast comes due to the white dunes and salt mountains, that added to those immense virgin beaches, gives the impression of a desert arriving to the sea.
Located in the region of the half-barren, north coast and west zone of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, includes the cities of Galinhos, Guamaré, Porto do Mangue, Caiçara do Norte, Sao Bento do Norte, Tibau, Carnaubais and the Mel (Honey)Mountains.
Beyond the beautiful sightseeings, are found in the region small farms. The landscape is marked by typical vegetations of caatinga, asns and goats, spreaded throughout great open and still wild beach coves.
It attracts innumerable tourists searching rest, for propitiating thermal waters in some cities (the best structure is in Mossoró).
It is an agricultural zone to the side-sea, structuralized economically for the production of salt, oil and irrigated fruitculture and still for the agriculture of subsistence and artisanal fishing.
The beach of Ponta do Mel (Honey Tip) is situated in the city of Areia Branca (White Sand), and congregates hinterland and the coast, it is a highlight, as the prettiest scenary of the region. The region offers much more that sun and sea. It is also characterized for having a great archaeological and paleontological potential at the State.

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