National Park of Lençois Maranhenses

The National Park of Lençois (Sheets)Maranhenses is an ecological paradise with 155 thousand hectares of dunes, rivers, lagoons and mangroves.
Rare geologic phenomenon, was formed throughout thousand of years through the action of the nature. Its landscapes are flaring: imensities of sands that make the place to resemble a desert. But with well differentiated characteristics. In fact it rains in the region, that is bathed by rivers. And due to raining, its guaranteed to the Lençois (Sheets) some of its most beautiful landscapes. The pluvial waters form lagoons that spread in practically all the area of the park forming an unique landscape. Some of them, as the Blue Lagoon and Pretty Lagoon already are famous for the beauty and conditions for bath.
The towns of Caburé, Atins and Mandacaru are obligatory points of visit.
The National Park of the Lençois Maranhenses reserves many surprises for the traveller, in a script that includes seductive landscapes and unforgettable sunsets, abundant flora and fauna. Great dune vastness, lagoons and beaches wait for the tourist in this true sanctuary of the nature.
The picture of Brazil, almost unknown, is mixed with the surrealis images, where the sun and the sand beauty contrasts with the immense lagoons of fish and migratory birds.
The landscape is of transparent candy dunes up to 40 meters high, cutted by fresh water lagoons formed in the period of rains, in the beggining of the year.
The place: 155 thousand hectares with an extension from the coast to the continent of 50 kilometers inside, forming true sand sheets.
A great tour is to go down the River Preguiças, that borders the Park of Lençois until the Atlantic Ocean.
By the way, some stops to taste what it offers best: dunes, lagoons and breath-taking landscapes. Great attractions of the passage are the communities of Caburé, Vassouras, Atins and Mandacaru, with prominence, in this last one, for the lighthouse, from where iyou can have a 360 degrees vision of the Park.
Caburé and Atins count on chalets where it is possible to take up rooms with relative comfort.
At Barreirinhas the local handcraft, made of the straw of the palm of buriti can be found in stores all around.

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