National Park of Ubajara

The National Park of Ubajara is situated 3km from downtown and shelters the great tourism potential of this region, the famous Ubajara Cave, with 1.120m of extension, where the tourist can contemplate diverse rocky formations as estalagmites and estalactites.
Having as access the ferry cable, infrastructure of security and mobility for the tourist. It also has a natural access, the Ecological Track that allows better contemplation of the fauna and flora of the region, with beautiful natural swimming pools and pipes in elapsing of the track, as the Pipe of the Gameleira, Pipe of the Gavião, Pipe of the Murimbeca and the Waterfall of the Cafundó. Tourists cqn't miss the Waterfall of the Frade, prettiest of the region.
Distant 27 km from the city, the canyon of the River Jaburu shelters diverse waterfalls and natural swimming pools. With about 15 meters of height and short while difficult access, this is ideal for the practice of rapel.

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