The social enrollment in the economic and tourist development of Icapuí is the great prominence of the city that is in the border with the state of Rio Grande do Norte, away 202 km from Fortaleza. Famous for beaches like Ponta Grossa and Redonda, the city is also known by fishers of the lobster, specialty of the local cuisine.
Icapuí has good hotels and "pousadas" has, amongst other attractions, the landscape of coconut trees and sand cliffs.
In the gastronomy, the Festival of the Lobster annually shows diverse forms to prepare the main plate of the city.
The fishermen are also an attraction in the port. There, the fishing boats are part of the landscape. The beaches are calm, ideal for bath. Some localities are almost untouched, challenging those who like adventure and exploring.
Excellent conditions for practicing trekking, sandboard, parapente, wind and kitesurf, and mainly, wind buggies.

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