Jericoacoara, is considered one of the 10 prettier beaches of the world, because of dunes and coconut trees, beautifull rocks and incredible blue water lagoons.
About 310 km the west from Fortaleza, capital of the State of the Ceará, it continues almost isolated and the access still depends on special vehicles to cross the kilometers of dunes and sand that separates the village from the road. Its streets are not paved and the arrival of the electric energy is recent.
To preserve the environment, the area around the village was transformed into the National Park of Jericoacoara. Although it was discovered in the 70's by hippies, Jeri, as affectionately it is called, still conserves the characteristics of small fishing village. In these three decades, she has had an harmonious relationship between outsiders and inhabitants, who had transformed its simple houses into inns and restaurants.
Due to the increase of its fame, currently Jericoacoara receives Brazilian and foreign tourists who enjoy gorgeous beaches, they make strolls of bugguis for the extensive coast and sail in the clean and blue water lagoons.
In the end of the afternoon, a good program is to attend the gorgeous sunset from the top of an enormous dune.
At night, visiting the local restaurants to prove some of the delicious prescriptions ffrom the local, international, and world-wide gastronomy.
If still remains some breath, the tourist can enjot the night parties tanning the authentic forró in the animation of the bars, and before going to sleep, to prove of the simplicity of the Bakery Santo Antonio, that opens its doors around 2:30 am for a welcome home made bread for some energy before the sun rises for another day in Jericoacoara...

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