Discover the most beautiful landscapes of the Brazilian coast piloting a dune buggy !!

Feel the emotion of driving through sand beaches, crossing rivers and dunes.
Go for the Adventure !!

Always with safety and reliability provided by an experienced guide and mechanic up to help at anytime, you will reach the most unexplored beaches and secret spots.

Depart now for this new adventure with eXtreme quality provided by Extremo Nordeste┤s 6 years of experience on off-road adventures in this coast.

The Lencois Maranhenses - A gift from Nature

Imagine a big desert of white sand dunes, right by the Atlantic Ocean. This dunes are like an immense sheet... printed on this sheet, thousands of sweet, cristal clear, rain water lagoons.
The National Park Of Lencois Maranhenses is a phenomenon, a gift from Nature. The Dunes seem never ending, occupying an area of 155.000 square kms. Between the dunes, thousands of lagoons with different tonalities, from white green to intense blue! Some have 2 kms of extension and 5m of depth. It's a mirage ! A dream !
Entering the Park, walking over the dunes, refreshing yourself at the lagoons is to be in communion with the nature, the silence, with the contrast of the colors. An unique experience, in an unique landscape.




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